Grianne Ohmsford

Grianne Ohmsford


Part Human
Part Elf

Father: Araden Ohmsford
Mother: Biornlief Ohmsford
Brother: Bek Ohmsford
Nephew: Penderrin Ohmsford

Jentsen Close



Appeared As the Ilse Witch:
Ilse Witch

Appeared In:
Jarka Ruus

Mentioned In:
Wards of Faerie
Bloodfire Quest
The Sorcerer’s Daughter
The Black Elfstone
The Skaar Invasion

Appeared As the Ilse Witch:
Witch Wraith
The Stiehl Assassin
The Last Druid


Referred To In:
The World of Shannara

Grianne Ohmsford was known as the Ilse Witch.


At six, she was small for her age and lacked any unusual strength of body or any extraordinary life experiences. She was a sheltered child in a sheltered home; she had never been anywhere.

As a child, she was unremarkable in appearance but had startling blue eyes.1Antrax – p 1 Long dark that hung loosely.2Antrax – p 2

Pale skin and strange blue eyes.3Morgawr – p 103

As the Ilse Witch, she liked the dark, as she felt more akin to the dark than the light.

Long dark hair. Lovely and smooth features.

After twenty years as a Druid she still looked youthful. Her pale, translucent skin was still unblemished and unlined. Her startling blue eyes still clear and her movements steady and uncertain.4Jarka Ruus – p 1


Lived in Jentsen Close with her parents and brother. Three years older than Bek. Signs of the Wishsong‘s magic appeared early on. Recognising the signs, and because he knew of the connection between them, Araden sent for Walker Boh who confirmed the presence of both hers and Bek’s magic. The Morgawr also discovered this magic and sent shape-shifters to monitor her.

When she was six the Morgawr led a band of Mwellrets in an attack on the family home. Her parents and the family dog, Bark, were killed, and the house burnt to the ground. She managed to hide Bek in a cold room off the cellar and later claimed he was dead to her kidnappers to spare him.

The Morgawr falsely told her that the Mwellrets who kidnapped her had been led and influenced by Walker Boh. This led to her hatred of Walker Boh.

The Morgawr brought her to live in the Wilderun where she was subverted into the Ilse Witch by the Morgawr and became a powerful sorceress. Her new name, Ilse Witch, was derived from a language of the Faerie World meaning “singer”.

Ilse Witch

Was notified by the Healer’s Attendant after Kael Elessedil washed up.

She replied to his message by showing up at the Attendant’s house to get all the information she needed. She then went to Kael and used the Wishsong to access his memories. The memories told her about the bracelet and the map Kael had with him and also showed her where he had been. After she got all she needed from him, she killed him. The Ilse Witch the returned to the Attendant’s room, and left him with a bag of gold as payment.

Jarka Ruus

As commanded by Walker, and also to atone for her acts as the Ilse Witch, on her return from Parkasia she had become the Ard Rhys of the newly formed Third Council of the Druids.5Jarka Ruus – p 3

When founding the order, Grianne travelled to the Northland to ask for the support of the Trolls. As no one had thought to do that in the past her request was cause enough for a convening of the Troll nations. At this gathering she told them of the Third Council and that it would accept all races, with no prejudices. Kermadec volunteered his own nation straight away to serve as her personal guard.

After twenty years, there were continuing struggles between herself and her fellow Druids. Her spirit had grown old, aged by responsibility.6Jarka Ruus – pp 1-2

Was notified by Tagwen that Kermadec was waiting at the north gate to see her.7Jarka Ruus – pp 2-3

Travelled to the Skull Kingdom using the War Shrike called Chaser to investigate the occurrences reported by Kermadec.

Forced into exile beyond the Forbidding by Shadea a’Ru using the magic Liquid Night.


Did not use the Druid Sleep as while she remained in office, sleep of any kind was in short supply.8Jarka Ruus – pp 1-2

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