Rock Troll

Brother: Atalan

Taupo Rough

Known As:
Old Bear
(by Grianne Ohmsford)


Appeared In:
Jarka Ruus

Kermadec was formerly a member of the Druid Guard.


Huge, even for a Troll. Almost seven feet. All muscle and bone, strong enough to rip small trees out by the root. Very strong and quick. His rough skin, hairless body and nearly featureless face gave him the appearance of a smoothly faceted shape cast out of stone. He was like a Moor Cat, big and powerful and smooth.


Solid and capable. The sort of person others would turn to. Direct and uncomplicated – he didn’t over complicate things by over-analysing and debating. When doing something he spent as little time and effort as possible to get it done. He had a code of conduct and did not vary from it.


One of the first to step forward when Grianne Ohmsford approached the Trolls to join the Third Council of the Druids. He offered the support of his nation, its people and its resources. He spent five years at Paranor and returned home once his service was complete, but remained in charge of who went to Paranor after him. Over the five years he became a close friend of Grianne, and had helped her solve many problems.

Jarka Ruus

Had been Maturen for thirty years.

Kermadec returned to Paranor to speak to Grianne. He waited at the north gate while Tagwen went to let her know he was there.1Jarka Ruus – pp 2-3

He advised her of strange happenings that had been occurring in the ruins of the Skull Kingdom and then travelled with her and Chaser to investigate further.