Paranor was the stronghold of the Druids.


A massive solid stone citadel on a foundation of rock where it could be seen from across the whole valley: from the Kennon Pass to the Jannison Pass, from one ridge line of the Dragon’s Teeth to the other. The walls were hundreds of feet high, towers and battlements sitting on top of them. A range of pennants were flown, including some that honoured individual past serving High Druids and some marking the houses of the rulers of the Four Lands.

Surrounded by a forest and lay to the south of Streleheim Plains.


The Elf Queen of Shannara

Brought back to the Four Lands by Walker Boh using the magic of the Black Elfstone.

Wards of Faerie

A courtyard had been converted during Grianne Ohmsford‘s time to a landing platform where airships could be anchored just off the ground or docked for servicing.1Wards of Faerie – p 42