The Forbidding was the barrier beyond which Demons had been banished.


Before the birth of the New World, there had been a great war between good and evil which the Elves finally won by creating the Ellcrys and a Forbidding that banished the Demons into a timeless dark.

All who had followed or sworn to the Void were imprisoned there.

The magic of the Ellcrys held the Forbidding in place, preventing the from Demons escaping.

Jarka Ruus

Grianne Ohmsford was banished beyond the Forbidding during Shadea a’Ru‘s attempt to take over the Druid Council

The Shannara Chronicles

The Chosen Part 1

When Eventine Elessedil recounted the story of the Ellcrys at the Chosen ceremony, he stated the Forbidding was the realm to where the Demons had been banished.