Elves were a race Faerie people who had existed long enough to see the birth of Man.


Sharp hearing skills. Slightly pointed ears and eye brows.


Before the birth of the New World, there had been a great war between good and evil which the Elves finally won by creating the Ellcrys and a Forbidding that banished the Demons into a timeless dark.

Were originally a reclusive race, their decision to isolate themselves from Man came at a cost. Man procreated at a much faster rate, and the Elves found their numbers decreasing in comparison.

Escaping into The Valley after the Great Wars they chose to have a greater involvement with their new home. They chose to dedicate themselves to restoration and nurturing their world and its creatures. This included the rest of the world outside of the Valley and so they began to talk openly of what would happen when they could return to the larger world.

A band of Elves would eventually break away and form the Wing Riders, or Sky Elves. The Elves remaining in Arborlon and surrounding areas became known as the Land Elves.