Kael Elessedil

Kael Elessedil



Mother: Aine Elessedil
Brother: Allardon Elessedil
Nephew: Ahren Elessedil




Appeared In:
Ilse Witch

Mentioned In:
Jarka Ruus


Referred To In:
The World of Shannara

Kael Elessedil was the brother of Allardon Elessedil.


Kael disappeared 30 years previously. He had been given the Blue Elfstones for his journey, but they were not with him when he reappeared.

It was later discovered that he had been brought to Castledown, his eyes gouged out and tongue removed. He was secured a to chair and Antrax began to control his mind. He was fed images of things that were not there and was tricked in to using the magic of the Blue Elfstones to defend himself. The magic used was captured by Antrax and used to power its systems. He was held there for thirty years.1Antrax – pp 205-206

Ilse Witch

Kael was found floating in the Blue Divide by Obsidian and Hunter Predd. Obsidian deposited him on an atoll so Hunter could check for life signs. Hunter’s check revealed a pulse and a heartbeat, slow and shallow breathing and also that his eyes had been removed and his tongue cut out. He was suffering from exposure and lack of nourishment.

Hunter and Obsidian took him to Bracken Clell to be looked at by a healer. Dorne determined that he was suffering from exposure and malnutrition so severe that he might never regain his strength. He could not speak or write and his mind was gone. Dorne believed Kael could not tell where or who he was.

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