Shadea a’Ru

Shadea a'Ru



Grimpen Ward



Appeared In:
Jarka Ruus

Mentioned In:
Wards of Faerie
Bloodfire Quest
The Stiehl Assassin
The Last Druid


Referred To In:
The World of Shannara

Shadea a’Ru plotted against Grianne Ohmsford to take over the Third Council of the Druids.


As a child, she was big for her age and initially awkward but she was always strong.

Grew to be six feet tall. Broad shouldered and strong. Smooth and dusky sun-browned skin. Short cropped and uncombed wind-blown blonde hair. Blue eyes.


If you provoked her you did so at your own risk – one such person had "disappeared" from Paranor.


Orphaned at the age of eight. Her father was killed on the Prekkendorran and her mother had died in childbirth. Shadea and her siblings were separated and sent to live with various relatives. She ran away when she was ten and never saw any of them again. Lived on the streets of Dechtera for five years.

At fifteen she began hanging around the Federation barracks doing odd jobs for the soldiers. The soldiers soon found out her size and strength made her a strong fighter. Some of them taught her how to use weapons. She was a quick study and naturally gifted. She had fought in the front lines on the Prekkendorran for two years by the age of 24.

The following year she met the cripple. He was so gnarled and deformed it was impossible to determine his race or origins. He was a practitioner of magic, and his infatuation with Shadea meant he was willing to trade what he knew to be able to spend time with her. His health was failing so they only had a year together before he died, but that was enough time to teach her his considerable knowledge of magic.

Jarka Ruus

Shadea was so hostile towards Grianne that there was no longer any communication between them.1Jarka Ruus – p 4

Had been meeting with Iridia Eleri, Traunt Rowan, Pyson Wence and Terek Molt for almost a year, as she worked on getting their support and a way to get rid of Grianne.

Obtained the magic Liquid Night and used it to banish Grianne from Paranor.

Enlisted Aphasia Wye to track down and kill Penderrin Ohmsford.

Self proclaimed Ard Rhys whilst Grianne was trapped in Jarka Ruus.

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    Jarka Ruus – p 4