Healer’s Attendant

Healer's Attendant



Bracken Clell

The Ilse Witch


Appeared In:
Ilse Witch

The Healer’s Attendant was a spy for the Ilse Witch.


Small and wizened.


Quiet, uncomplaining, lacked imagination but could be depended on – qualities which made him ideal for both roles. Developed patience and perseverance.


Had spent the whole of his life in the village.

Owned an old cabin in the forest surrounding Bracken Clell, which he had inherited as the eldest male when his parents died. Lived alone and had few friends.

Had served in Dorne‘s household for over thirteen years.

From the beginning, the Ilse Witch made it clear what she expected from him. He would report to her anything he heard that may be of importance to her. He communicated with her using some Arrow Swifts she had supplied. He kept their cages in a darkened pen behind his cabin.

Ilse Witch

The attendant served Hunter Predd a plate of food while he waited for Dorne. Afterwards, he hung around out of sight to listen to Hunter and Dorne’s conversation.

Alerted the Ilse Witch that someone had been found.

When she paid him for this information she placed a poisonous snake in the bag of coins, as she did not want him revealing the information to anyone else and had decided her only option was to kill him.