Arborlon was the capital city of the Elves and home to the Ellcrys.


A large city with shops and residences as far as the eye could see. A crossroads for commerce. Products from other areas were brought west for warehousing and distribution to other Elves further in.


Old World

First located in the Cintra.

The Valley

In The Valley Arborlon was a two day walk north-east of Glensk Wood. The Belloruus family ruled over Arborlon for most of the five hundred years they resided in the Valley, with Oparion Amarantyne ruling towards the end.


About one hundred years before the Heritage of Shannara series, Arborlon was moved from the Westland to the island of Morrowindl.1The Elf Queen of Shannara – p 5

The city was placed halfway down the Killeshan in an area protected from the lava flows.

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