Elfstones dated back to the Age of Faerie.


Trolls mined the stones and gave them to the Elves to be made into talismans.

Since Elves infused them with their magic, only Elves could use them. The mix of minerals and magic made them unique. They were formed and shaped into sets of three and it took years to make a single set. The Loden and Black Elfstone were single stones that were designed for a specific purpose.

They had different colours and were designed to do different things.

All Elfstones had defensive capabilities and were infused with power to protect the user. Their power was dependent on the user, a combination of their strengths of heart, mind and body. The stones were the most powerful of Elven magic and all of them, except the Blue Elfstones were lost when the Age of Faerie disappeared.

The Elves of Cintra

By this time, there were no surviving records of their purpose, except for the Blue Elfstones.

Wards of Faerie

The five sets of Elfstones were sets of three. No one knew what had become of the remaining sets, their colours or their functions. No written records of their history other than vague references to a time in the Age of Faerie when the sets had been crafted and that there was five sets altogether. It was believed the missing sets were gone and would never be recovered, until Aphenglow Elessedil found the diary of Aleia Omarosian.

The Blue Elfstones had been returned to the Elves, Khyber Elessedil had kept the Black Elfstone.