Blue Divide

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The Elf Queen of Shannara

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The Talismans of Shannara
Ilse Witch
The Black Elfstone

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Last Ride

Morrowindl was the largest island in the Blue Divide.


Morrowindl was the largest island in the Blue Divide – over two hundred miles across.

In the north of the island it rained all the time: all hours of the day, every day. Sometimes it was hard rain, sometimes only drizzle. This left water everywhere: swamps and pools, falls and drops. If you couldn’t swim you would most likely drown, and there were nest of things waiting to drag you down. In the west of the island it was all hot, dry and barren desert. Thousands of creatures lived under the rocks, things of all sizes and shapes, most with poison that would kill you quickly. The south and the east both consisted of rock, jungle, vog and a lot of unpleasant things lived there.


Ideal for farming: it had fruits, vegetables, trees, good soil, shelter and the hunting was also good.

The Monsters of Morrowindl

There were all kinds of monsters on the island: big and little, four-legged and two, flying, crawling and stalking, some with hair, some with scales, some with skin, some hunt in packs, some burrow in the earth and wait.