Wing Riders

Wing Riders


Wing Hove

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The World of Shannara

Wing Riders were part of a breakaway group of Elves.


Had a council to make their decisions rather than one solitary man i.e. a king.

They were strong believers of living their own lives and not interfering with the lives of others. Similar to Rovers they were nomads by choice and mercenaries by profession. Their loyalties and obligations could be bought and paid for, but they still never lost their common sense.1Morgawr – p 73

Not long after the Land Elves migrated to Morrowindl they too left the Westland, although not going very far, just to the islands offshore.

In the early years of Wren Elessedil‘s reign, a contract was drawn up with the Land Elves to serve them as scouts and messengers along the coast of the Blue Divide. They were provided with goods and coin in exchange.

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    Morgawr – p 73