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Appeared In:
Running with the Demon
A Knight of the Word
Angel Fire East
Armageddon’s Children

Hopewell was the home of Nest Freemark.


Hopewell was eight blocks square, petering out afterwards to houses that had been converted to real estate offices and repair shops.

Alternate Appearance

In John Ross‘ nightmares, Hopewell appeared as one of America’s burnt out towns. The buildings were ruined and blackened. The supermarkets and shopping mall were abandoned ruins. Along the river, the stacks of the steel mill were broken down and the corrugated roof was rusted out. Assorted debris was scattered over the streets. Windows were empty where the glass had been broken and doors hung open and sagged. Cars lay on flattened tyres and bare axles, stripped of everything useful.1Running with the Demon – pp 1-2


In Hopewell the Fourth of July was celebrated with fireworks and picnics in Sinnissippi Park, and a dance was held at night.2Running with the Demon – p 39

Armageddon’s Children

Logan Tom was sent to Hopewell by the Lady of the Word.3Armageddon’s Children – p 14

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