Sinnissippi Park

Sinnissippi Park was tended by Pick and Nest Freemark.


Lay next to the Sinnissippi Townhomes.1Running with the Demon – p 13 Riverside Cemetery was nearby.2Running with the Demon – p 15


Contained softball diamonds and picnic areas. The grassy picnic areas led to the Sinnissippi Burial Mounds and the cliffs.3Running with the Demon – pp 11-12

The park was green and rolling where the cliffs rose above Rock River. The thick stands of shag bark hickory, white oak, red elm and maple pre-dated the coming of white man into Indian territory. Where there was space between the larger trees there were walnut, cherry, birch and a scattering of blue and pine spruce. Wild flowers bloomed in spring and leaves that turned all kinds of colours in the autumn.4Running with the Demon – p 34

Alternate Appearance

In John Ross‘ nightmares, the park appeared overgrown with weeds and scrub.


Running with the Demon

When Bennett Scott wandered off she went into the park, and Pick, Nest Freemark and Daniel went after her and rescued her from the Feeders at the cliffs.5Running with the Demon – pp 9-22