Allardon Elessedil

Allardon Elessedil



Mother: Aine Elessedil
Brother: Kael Elessedil
Sons: Kylen Elessedil,
Ahren Elessedil



Appeared In:
Ilse Witch


Referred To In:
The World of Shannara

Allardon Elessedil was the brother of Kael Elessedil.


Medium height and build. Fit and trim. Strong in body. Only his greying hair and lines on his face gave away his true age.


Sharp mind.


King of the Elves for the twenty years since the death of his mother. Direct descendant of Wren Elessedil; was her great-great-grandson.

Effectively a caretaker king, he considered his principal duty to be keeping things as they were.

Ilse Witch

After a long session with the Elven High Council, he was advised a Wing Rider was waiting to see him who would only speak to him. Allardon Elessedil’s arrangement with the Wing Riders demanded he accede to any request for privacy when delivering messages.

Allardon was killed in an attack by three mind-altered Elves who were disguised as gardeners in the Gardens of Life. Walker Boh was able to defend him from the three assassins, however an arrow intended for the assassins caught him in the chest. He survived only long enough for a scribe to take down the details of the bargain he had struck with Walker, ensuring Walker’s expedition would take place and that he would get the assistance he needed to establish a new Druid council.