Pyria Elessedil

Pyria Elessedil - Sarah Peirse



Daughter: Mareth
Brother: Eventine Elessedil
Grandniece: Amberle Elessedil

Wing Hove


Did not appear

The Shannara Chronicles

Played By:
Sarah Peirse

Appeared In:
Chosen Part 2

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Pyria Elessedil was the grandaunt of Amberle Elessedil.


Formerly the keeper of the archives. She met Allanon when he was tracking the descendants of the Shannara bloodline.

She and her brother had a falling out after she told him she had fallen in love with a human. When she asked for Eventine’s blessing he refused. This led to her leaving Arborlon and moving to the Wing Hove.

After leaving Arborlon, she and Amberle Elessedil wrote to each other in secret.

Chosen Part 2

Pyria came across Amberle lying unconscious in a boat. She asked Amberle what she was doing there and assumed she was pregnant after she said she was in trouble. Amberle mentioned that in her letters, Pyria had written she had witnessed magic during the War of the Races, to which she replied it was a very long time ago. Instead of answering if she still believed in magic, she asked Amberle what was really going on, who then explained about becoming a Chosen and what happened afterwards.

When Allanon and Wil Ohmsford arrived, Wil said that they were there for Princess Amberle, to which she replied she couldn’t help him. Despite Pyria trying to block him, Allanon read her mind and sent Wil off to fetch Amberle. When Wil had gone, she asked Allanon if that was Shea’s boy. After his reply, Pyria walked closer to Allanon to take a close look a him then commented he looked like he hadn’t aged a day. Allanon explained about the Druid Sleep and said he had no choice but to leave.

As they spoke about what brought Allanon back, she accused him of being a puppet-master who manipulated innocent lives as he saw fit. She walked away from him but he followed her.

After Allanon told her she would never know how sorry he was or how much she still meant to him, she appeared to forgive him but a Fury appeared before she could say anything. Allanon attempted to protect her but was knocked off the cliff, leaving the Fury free to kill her.

Other Mentions


Pyria’s death was reported to the king, and the others present, by Amberle.