Hunter Predd

Hunter Predd



Mesca Rho


Appeared In:
Ilse Witch


Referred To In:
The World of Shannara

Hunter Predd found and rescued Kael Elessedil.

He was one of the thirty-five to travel with the Jerle Shannara and one of the few to return.1The World of Shannara – p 209


Small and slight for a Wing Rider. Sun-browned and wind burnt, face seamed, grey eyes, a thick thatch of brown hair. Lean and wiry. Gnarled hands and sharp eyes.

Tough as knotted cord. Had a direct, no-nonsense approach.


Carried a long bow and a hunting knife.


Met Dorne a year after he returned from the Border Wars, and had shared in more than one rescue effort with him. Despite having different backgrounds and callings, they felt the same way about the foolishness of the world’s progress.

Had been with Obsidian for five years at the time of the events of the Ilse Witch.2Ilse Witch – p 4

Ilse Witch

Hunter saw a man floating in the sea. After Obsidian had plucked the man out of the sea, Hunter directed him to an atoll some miles from Mesca Rho. Once there he checked for life signs and gave him some water. Hunter decided to take the man to Bracken Clell, the closest location with a healer. He bathed the man’s skin in fresh water and applied a salve to protect it from further damage. After giving him some more water, Hunter searched the man and found two items.3Ilse Witch – pp 3-5

Once he was sure Kael was receiving the best care he travelled to Arborlon to advise Allardon Elessedil who and what he had found.

At the request of Allardon, he travelled to Paranor to ask Walker Boh for assistance with deciphering the map. He was then asked to accompany Walker on his expedition.

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