Druid Guard

The Druid Guard protected the Druids.


Wore grey uniforms with a torch emblem embroidered on their left breast.

Captain of the Guard

The Captain of the Guard was in charge of the Druid Guard. The captain also wore a grey uniform, but the torch was gripped by a fist and there were crimson bars on both shoulders.


A multinational armed force that protected the Druid Councils.

First Druid Council

The Druid Guard were traditionally Elves, as Galaphile felt more comfortable with his own people following the destruction of the Old World and the thousand years of barbarism. Elven hunters warded the Druids until the fall of Paranor at the hands of the Warlock Lord.

Third Druid Council

When founding the order, Grianne travelled to the Northland to ask for the support of the Trolls. As no one had thought to do that in the past her request was cause enough for a convening of the Troll nations. At this gathering she told them of the Third Council and that it would accept all races, with no prejudices. Kermadec volunteered his own nation straight away to serve as her personal guard.

With the lack of trust between Grianne Ohmsford and Kylen Elessedil, the Ard Rhys committed to Kermadec and his Rock Trolls who were more independent: they gave their allegiance only when deserved.