Feeders only appeared when the magic was out of balance.


Lantern eyes.[1] Flat-faced and featureless, squat caricatures of humans.[2]

After the Great Wars they evolved into something almost entirely devoid of substance. They still fed on human emotions and savaged those who were consumed by their darker instincts, but they had become as empty as wind.[3]


Were not visible to humans, until it was too late. Instead they would hear them as an invisible presence in the back of their minds, insidious voices taunting and teasing.[4]

The Feeders in Hopewell lived in the caves under the cliffs near Sinnissippi Park in ever-expanding numbers. Their increasingly bold behaviour was shown by them starting to appear in the day time all over Hopewell, whereas previously they had only come out at night and only in the park. Pick knew this was a result of a shift in the balance of things, but did not know what to do if the balance wasn’t righted soon.[5]

They would not attack Nest Freemark when Wraith was around[2], however they knew not to meet her gaze and what would happen if they did.[4]

Running with the Demon

When Bennett Scott wandered off the Feeders got a hold of her and enticed her out to the cliffs. Bennett was the seventh child in a month they had done this with.[8]

One of the Feeders broke away from the others when it looked like Nest was going to be successful in rescuing Bennett and was destroyed with a single chilling glance from Nest – her magic taking over the instant their eyes met.[4]

The Measure of the Magic

The Ragpicker noticed there were Feeders around, not long after he had sensed the presence of magic.[3]

Other Appearances

Running with the Demon

Appeared in John Ross‘ nightmare as he was travelling towards Hopewell.