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Imaginary Friends

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Appeared In:
Running with the Demon
A Knight of the Word
Angel Fire East

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Armageddon’s Children

Pick was Nest Freemark‘s Sylvan partner in the care and upkeep of Sinnissippi Park‘s magic.


As A Sylvan

Six inches tall, twiggy feet and leafy head.2Running with the Demon – p 9

150 years old. Looked like twigs and leaves bound into a child’s tiny stick man. His hands would make nervous gestures when he was agitated. Silky moss beard and bark encrusted thighs.3Running with the Demon – p 10

Nine ounces. Nervous mannerisms. A wizened bit of wood with vaguely human features above a mossy beard. Leaves grew on his head instead of hair. Arms and legs were flexible twigs that narrowed to tiny fingers and stubby toes.

Had hair and a beard of moss.4A Knight of the Word – p 13


Pick was the guardian of Sinnissippi Park, sent to keep the magic in balance and to hold in check the Feeders that worked to upset that balance. He had been helped by the Freemark Women over the years.5A Knight of the Word – p 13

First met Nest when she was six. Rode the Owls called Daniel and Jonathan. Had some magic – more than most Forest Creatures. Fastidious and temperamental.

Running with the Demon

Pick found Bennett Scott at the mercy of the Feeders and went to get Nest Freemark to help him.6Running with the Demon – p 9 Sitting on Nest’s shoulders they went through Sinnissippi Park towards the cliffs, which was the last place Pick had seen Bennett.7Running with the Demon – pp 11-15 He, and Daniel, accompanied Nest to find Bennett and left once the Feeders were scattered.

Armageddon’s Children

Although Pick wasn’t mentioned by name, O’Olish Amaneh mentioned to Logan Tom that Sinnissippi Park was once protected by a Sylvan. All Sylvans were gone by then and no one watched over the park.8Armageddon’s Children – p 58