Jack McCall

Jack Andrew McCall



Sister: Abby McCall
Uncle: Frank

Seattle, Old World

Short Stories

Appeared In:
Imaginary Friends

Jack Andrew McCall lived in Hopewell.


For six months Jack had been having headaches that were accompanied by a partial loss of vision lasting from ten to twenty minutes. They only occurred once in a while and he believed they were the result of eye strain.

Imaginary Friends

Ten days before his thirteenth birthday Jack he had an attack he could not hide. He told his mother who made an appointment with Dr Muller. The way the doctor acted caused Jack to start worrying. He and his mother were then sent to the hospital for a series of tests. After that they were sent home, with Jack knowing nothing more.

Later Dr Muller arrived to talk to his parents. Jack didn’t understand all of what was being said, but understood enough. After the doctor left, his parents came upstairs to tell him that he was sick and would need to take easy for a while. That and his mother’s actions made him scared. That night he couldn’t sleep and he thought a lot about his Uncle Frank. After Frank died, Jack had always suspected that what had killed Frank might one day kill him too.


Graduated at the age of 22.

After his graduation, he was approached by O’olish Amaneh. He was given tickets to spend a week in Wales and instructions to see the Lady.