Dr Muller

Dr Muller




Short Stories

Appeared In:
Imaginary Friends

Dr Muller was the family paediatrician for the McCall family.


Doctor Muller saw Jack McCall after he told his mother about the headaches. While diagnosing Jack, he was uncharacteristically cheerful and talkative. After finished, he sent Jack to the hospital for further tests.

Later that night, he visited the McCall’s house to advise Jack’s parents to advise them of the preliminary test results and told them of Jack’s diagnosis.

When Jack was in hospital after his battle with the dragon, Muller examined him again and drew some blood. He returned on the Monday morning and told Jack of his updated diagnosis. He told Jack he would need some mild therapy and advised him to take it easy. He performed the therapy during the summer months and eventually declared him cured.


Jack’s father advised him he had been speaking to Doctor Muller who said Jack needed to go into the hospital for more tests.