Paxon Leah

Paxon Leah



Great-Grandmother: Mirai Leah
Mother: Zeatha Leah
Sister: Chrysallin Leah
Former Partner: Leofur Rai




Appeared In:
The High Druid’s Blade
The Darkling Child
The Sorcerer’s Daughter

Paxon Leah was the brother of Chrysallin Leah.


Tall, lean and broad-shouldered. Red hair.1The high Druid’s Blade – p 2


Paxon’s parents inherited a shipping business that had been in the Leah family for six generations. By the time of The High Druid’s Blade, it was a marginal source of income and sustenance.

When Paxon was ten, his father was killed in an airship incident while flying freight into the Eastland.

Had tried to evoke the power of the Sword of Leah but had been unable to make the magic appear.

The High Druid’s Blade

Twenty years old.

The shipping business was now operated by Zeatha and Paxon, but mostly by Paxon. He ran shipments on an average of twice a month which made just enough money to feed and clothe the family.

Jayet came to the Leah house to fetch Paxon when Chrysallin got into trouble with Arcannen at the Two Roosters.

The Darkling Child

Paxon was summoned to the private chambers of Aphenglow Elessedil by Keratrix.2The Darkling Child – p 1

As he followed Keratrix, he was reminded of Sebec who five years earlier had been his closest friend. The memory of his betrayal of their friendship still burned in his memory .3The Darkling Child – p 2

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