Knights of the Word

The Knights of the Word were champions of the Word. Believers in the need to keep the magic that binds all things in balance.


Only the Lady of the Word could create a Knight, and only she could set one free.

Bearers of the Black Staff

Over a span of five centuries, the magic had been handed over to new Knights by their predecessors. All those who carried the Black Staff knew the story of the magic’s origins and passed it on dutifully. If circumstances didn’t allow the story to be passed on, the Knights learnt it another way.1Bearers of the Black Staff – p 3

Black Staffs

Each Knight carried a black staff, as a symbol of their role. The Knight’s magic was wielded through the staffs. The magic in the staffs would also help them heal quicker than normal people.

The staffs were not inherited, they had to be earned. They came with a set of rules about how they were to be used. The primary obligation of the bearer was to protect those for whom it was created.

Taking up a staff bound a person to being a Knight forever.

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