Darish Venn

Darish Venn





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Darish Venn was being held prisoner in Arishaig.1Morgawr – p 15


A big man, tall and broad-shouldered. His confinement however had left him stooped and thin, his face skeletal, his skin pale and crusted with dirt and sores.2Morgawr – p 177


Captained one of the first Free-Born owned airships brought into the war on the Prekkendorran. He distinguished himself in battle many times, before his ship went down and he was captured by the Federation. He was respected and trusted by the other prisoners. As a senior officer amongst the prisoners he had formed them into groups and given them positions – something of crucial importance to those locked away.3Morgawr – p 15

The Free-Born tried to trade for him many times, but as an airship captain he was too valuable so the Federation preferred to keep him locked up.4Morgawr – p 17


When Sen Dunsidan approached the men in the prison, Darish was the first one to speak up, to find out more about what was on offer.5Morgawr – p 15

After a brief discussion Darish agreed to go into another room where he was supposedly going to be shown a map of where they were going. Instead the Morgawr appeared and turned him into a walking dead man with no will of his own. Darish was the first of hundreds the Morgawr would do this to.6Morgawr – pp 16-19

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