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Arishaig was the Federation capital city.


The Sorcerer’s Daughter

A fortress whose walls soared hundreds of feet and were thicker than the tightened formation lines of a shield-and-spear rank. Battlements were studded with flash rips and rail slings that were mounted on swivels. Airships sat on elevated landing pads in each corner of the city, with flits and skiffs and other quick-moving fliers available for the use of First Response.

An inner wall shadowed the outer.


The Sorcerer’s Daughter

After it had burnt to the ground by the Demons from the Forbidding, the city had been rebuilt to withstand any attack. At least five million people lived within the city walls in addition to those engaged in labour on the outlying farms.

Arishaig Prisons

The prisons lay on the western edge of the army barracks, close the to the swift flowing waters of the Rappahalladran.1Morgawr – pp 12-13
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    Morgawr – pp 12-13