Sen Dunsidan

Sen Dunsidan






Appeared In:
Ilse Witch
Jarka Ruus

Mentioned In:
Wards of Faerie

Sen Dunsidan was a member of the Federation.


Strong face. Tall and athletic. Silvery hair worn long and flowing. An attractive man with magnetic personality, until you got to know him.

His long silver hair hung loose about his shoulders except where it was braided above his ears, which was the current fashion.1Morgawr – p 2


Now he looked old. His hair had gone almost white. His face was no longer smooth and handsome, but now lined and careworn. He used to stand erect but now stood slightly stooped. He did not reflect confidence or strength but instead seemed a shell from which the contents of life had been drained.


Appeared to be mild and detached, an observer, a man eager to make everything right for everyone. In reality he had the morals and instincts of a snake. He knew that the way to survive was to keep his preferences and ambitions secret. He was clever, patient and thorough with a legendary work ethic. He desired absolute power over everything and everyone.


Was now full of fear and self-loathing, never having recovered from seeing what the Morgawr had done to the Free-born captives.


Had been the Federation’s Minister of Defence for about 15 years.

Acted as both a spy and an ally to the Ilse Witch. As a man high up in the Federation he was the ideal person to do her favours, in exchange for favours she could do for him. If she showed him ways of achieving his goals he would do anything she asked. Unlike the rest of her spies, he considered himself her equal – his pride and ambition would not allow anything else.


Formed a partnership with the Morgawr. In exchange for making him Prime Minister, the Morgawr requested the ships and crew to enable him to pursue the Ilse Witch on her journey. This would include targeting the current prime minister and his main rival, Jaren Arken and by morning both of them were dead.2Morgawr – pp 3-8

He accompanied the Morgawr to the prisons to begin to fulfil his part of the bargain by supplying crew members for his voyage. With the assistance of the Turnkey he approached the prisoners and offered them a chance to leave the prisons. As he expected, Darish Venn was the first to respond to this offer.3Morgawr – p 12-15 After a brief discussion Darish agreed to go into another room where he was supposedly going to be shown a map of where they were going. Instead the Morgawr appeared and turned him into a walking dead man with no will of his own. Darish was the first of over 250 people the Morgawr would do this to over two nights. Following the suicide of the Turnkey, he brought the men in himself the second night. After the Morgawr took the men away Sen never saw any of them again.4Morgawr – p 16-22

Jarka Ruus

The Prime Minister was reputed to be leading a Federation delegation that was due to arrive at Paranor.

Supplied Shadea a’Ru with the Liquid Night used to banish Grianne Ohmsford from Paranor.


Despite being the most powerful man in the Southland and the Ilse Witch being banished, he did not feel safe. Being Prime Minister had imbued him with a measure of respect from his subjects, but that had waned with his failure to end the war on the Prekkendorran or bring it closer to a meaningful conclusion.