Curzad Ohmsford

Curzad Ohmsford



Son: Flick Ohmsford
Adopted Son: Shea Ohmsford

Shady Vale


Appeared In:
The Sword of Shannara

Short Stories

Mentioned In:
Allanon’s Quest
The Black Irix


Referred To In:
The World of Shannara

Curzad Ohmsford was the father of Flick Ohmsford.


Brawny hands.1The Sword of Shannara – p 14

Curzad and Flick resembled each other closely: they were both of medium height and heavy build, with the same broad placid faces and grizzled brown hair.2The Sword of Shannara – p 15


Built the Shady Vale Inn twenty years before The Sword of Shannara.3The World of Shannara – p 74

Lost his wife less than a year before Shea’s mother came back to Shady Vale. He was raising Flick while managing the Inn, and was happy to give Shea a home as well when his mother brought them back.

He found a young woman and a half-Elf baby at the door to the Inn. She was a distant cousin who had been born in Shady Vale but all her other relatives were dead. She was very ill and Curzad took her in and cared for her. Due to a lack of skilled healers she died soon after. Curzad then adopted Shea as his own.4The World of Shannara – pp 77-80

The Sword of Shannara

Only played a minor role in the book, appearing briefly near the beginning5The Sword of Shannara – pp 14-18 and at the end6The Sword of Shannara – p 723-726 of the book.

Other Mentions

The Black Irix

When meeting with Audrana Coos, Flick mentioned that Shea was staying in Shady Vale with him and Curzad.