Robert Heppler

Robert Heppler



Father: John Heppler
Mother: Alice Heppler
Wife: Amy Heppler
Son: Kyle Heppler

Woodland Heights, Hopewell


Appeared In:
Running with the Demon
A Knight of the Word
Angel Fire East

Robert Heppler was one of Nest Freemark‘s group of friends.


Short and wiry. Mischievous face and unruly shoulder length white blond hair. Wore glasses. Angular face.

As an adult, he was still thin and tow-headed, looking like a mischievous boy.1Angel Fire East – pp 30-31


He eventually aggravated everyone, particularly Brianna Brown. Hated tomato juice.

Robert was not afraid of anyone: he had been in so many fights in grade school his parents took him to a psychiatrist and he had been suspended countless times.

A Knight of the Word

Now attended Stanford.

Angel Fire East

Right out of graduate school he had married Amy Pruitt and she “sorted him out”.2Angel Fire East – pp 30-31

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