Appeared In:
The Measure of the Magic

The Ragpicker appeared in The Measure of the Magic.


The Ragpicker was an odd-looking fellow, unprepossessing, almost comical. Tall and whipcord thin. Walked like a long-legged water bird. Wore dark clothing that blended in with the landscape he travelled in. Carried his rags and scraps in a frayed patchwork bag. Scuffed leather boots.1The Measure of the Magic – pp 1-2

A lean sharp-featured face.2The Measure of the Magic – p 3

Stayed alive by keeping his head down and staying out of harm’ way. His apparently harmless appearance made him look like someone who wanted to be left alone. Animals and mutants had the instincts to realise there was something wrong about him and they would turn away. His human predators lacked the awareness to judge hum properly and didn’t always leave him alone.3The Measure of the Magic – p 2


The Measure of the Magic

Whilst travelling, the Ragpicker was attacked by two men. He tried to talk them out of fighting him, and questioned them if they had seen a man who carried a black staff. The two men denied having seen this man and attacked the Ragpicker. He used his demon power to kill the two men. After the men were dead, he took small scraps of cloth from each man’s clothing that would remind him later of who they had been, these would be added to his collection.4The Measure of the Magic – pp 4-7