Deladion Inch

Deladion Inch



New World


Appeared In:
Bearers of the Black Staff

Mentioned In:
The Measure of the Magic

Deladion Inch was a mercenary in the New World.


Big and powerfully built. Face bronzed by sun and wind. Features cross hatched with scars. Several fingers missing. Tangled black hair. Dressed in black, his clothing a combination of thick leather and heavy metal fastenings, the material as scarred and beaten as him.


Made a living by being a mercenary: he hired out for a price, be it coins or goods. He had a lot of different skills that no one else had, making what he did unique.

Bearers of the Black Staff

Rescued Sider Ament from the second Agenahl. He and Sider made an agreement he would stay and look after Sider until he was able to travel, and that he would provide Sider information about his world, while Sider would tell him about his staff.

He was the first one to realise Arik Sarn was not who he claimed to be.

The Measure of the Magic

When Prue Liss heard the explosion, she realised Deladion was dead and had given his life for hers.