Legion Free Corps

The Legion Free Corps were a command of the Border Legion.


A controversial command of the Border Legion – they were considered the Border Legion’s shock unit, and as such were considered expendable. Its soldiers were the first into battle, and the first to die – its casualty rate the highest of the Legion. It became a matter of pride for the soldiers who served in the Legion Free Corps, they gained an identity that set them apart from any other fighting man in the Four Lands. It was a tradition that the soldiers would die in battle.

The soldiers came from different lands, histories and lives, but they all came for similar reasons: to escape their past and begin again. They were thieves, killers, cheats, soldiers broken from other armies, men of low blood and high, men with honour and men without, some searching, some fleeing and some drifting. No one was ever asked about his past – it was considered his life began the day he joined.

The Elfstones of Shannara

A command of six hundred soldiers was sent to assist the Elves in their battle against the Demons when the Forbidding was about to fall. They were led by Stee Jans.