First War of the Races

The First War of the Races was the first major war after the Great Wars.


Took place 350 years before the First King of Shannara and 150 years after the First Council of the Druids was formed.

A civil war within the race of Man widened to become the First War of the Races.

The wars were a direct result of Warlock Lord and his followers being subverted by the Ildatch.

Using magic Brona forced the race of Man to do his bidding and used them as his weapon of attack. A combination of the Druids and other races were enough to defeat the aggressors. Mankind was driven south into exile whilst Brona and his followers disappeared, seemingly destroyed by magic.


After their defeat Mankind came to believe that they would be better off with no contact with any of the other races. Mankind was allocated a vast amount of land by the Druid, but they migrated far south to distance themselves from the other races, abandoning almost everything north of the Rainbow Lake.