Farshaun Req

Farshaun Req





Appeared In:
Wards of Faerie
Bloodfire Quest
Witch Wraith

Farshaun Req acted as a navigator on the Quickening.1Witch Wraith – p 17


Taught Redden Ohmsford, Railing Ohmsford and Mirai Leah complex and useful tricks for flying airships when they were beginning their education. It was his encouragement and patience that kept them at it. In the process of helping them, he had run afoul of Sarys Ohmsford who then banned the twins from having anything to do with him.

Witch Wraith

When the Quickening arrived in Rampling Steep, Railing Ohmsford, Farshaun and Skint headed into town to find Challa Nand.2Witch Wraith – pp 20-27

Farshaun died3Witch Wraith – p 54 from his injuries sustained in the attack on the Quickening by Gnome raiders.4Witch Wraith – pp 35-39

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