Rovers were Humans with no ties to one particular place.


Nomadic people with no homeland, government or army and hence had no power. Survived in mobile encampments and clans.

They believed the land belonged to anyone, and especially those who travelled it. The land was their mother. They shared the Elven belief that the land should be protected and nurtured. This led to the Elves being the most tolerant to them of all the races and they were allowed to move through the Westland acting as traders whilst inland and as sailors along the coast. In other areas they were less welcome and were in constant danger of being driven out.

Similar to Wing Riders they were nomads by choice and mercenaries by profession. Their loyalties and obligations could be bought and paid for, but they still never lost their common sense.1Morgawr – p 73

The Federation hired them as mercenaries to fight in their war against the Free-Born.

Rovers had aided various members of Walker Boh‘s family over the years and he had found them tough, dependable and resourceful.

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    Morgawr – p 73