Prue Liss

Prue Liss



Glensk Wood


Appeared In:
Bearers of the Black Staff
The Measure of the Magic

Prue Liss lived next door to Panterra Qu.


Green eyes. Freckled face. Flaming red hair. Slight, almost frail, although she could be very tough when called for.


Emotional about everything. Quick to act. Preferred to live in the moment.

Prue was even more gifted than Panterra. She was born with preternatural instincts that would warn of impending danger, even when not visible – this was rumoured to have been inherited from someone who came to The Valley with Hawk.

With their special gifts they were the most effective pair of trackers in Glensk Wood, perhaps the entire valley.

A love of life outside walls, a life of exploration and discovery. Skilled survivalist, able to convert anything at hand into tools and shelter. Athletic and good with weapons.


Carried long knives and bows.

Preferred to have a bow and arrows over the Flange 350 Deladion Inch had given her.


Her mother’s sister lived in the neighbouring community of Fair Glade End.

Lived next door to Panterra Qu and they spent their childhoods together.

They came to the Tracker cadre at the same time and asked to be paired together. More often than not they knew what the other was thinking without a word being spoken and could finish each other’s sentences.

Bearers of the Black Staff

Fifteen years old, making her two years younger than Panterra Qu.

Prue and Panterra discovered the deaths of the two trackers, Bayleen and Rausha. Panterra’s decision to track their killers led to them being trapped by a pair of Agenahls and being rescued by Sider Ament.

The Measure of the Magic

When she heard the explosion, she realised straight away that Deladion Inch had sacrificed himself for her. She had been standing just outside the locked entry to his fortress at the time and knew that she had to escape otherwise his sacrifice would have been in vain.1The Measure of the Magic – pp 8-9

She set to work, releasing the locks and opening the door. She took two solar-powered torches and locked the room again. Following the directions Deladion had given her she would work her way to the rear exit via his personal quarters where she could find something to eat and a place to sleep. After she had eaten, she climbed and overlook and found the Trolls were still around. The next morning she packed up food, drink and some weapons, including the Flange 350 Deladion had given her and continued on her way. When she made it to the exit and stepped outside, she stepped right into the path of a Drouj. She attempted to escape but the Troll was too fast. Unable to use any other weapon she pulled out the gun and fired 6 times. This killed the Troll but left Prue frightened and unsure of herself. She decided to return the way she had come and wait out the Trolls, as Deladion had suggested originally.2The Measure of the Magic – pp 9-16

When she met the King of the Silver River he confirmed she was the direct descendant of Candle.3The Measure of the Magic – p 72

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