Children of the Hawk

Children of the Hawk


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The Valley

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The Children of the Hawk was a sect awaiting the return of Hawk to lead them out of The Valley.


They believed Hawk had promised to return when it was safe to go out into the world again. He would come either as a sign, or be physically reborn. The mists would not end until the outside world was safe and Hawk returned.

Originally formed to honour the father of all the generations of survivors who had followed after Hawk. It was formed as a celebration of life, love and the durability of the human spirit.

Over the years it developed into a cult that followed a dogmatic hard-line of exclusion and repression. They believed that their teachings were the way that all others must follow, and claimed special knowledge of something that had happened more than five centuries earlier. They deliberately shunned people of other races and refused to explore the possibility of other beliefs.

They believed they were the chosen people, the ones who were saved when the rest of the world perished in the Great Wars. They saw themselves as the future of civilisation. They thought that theirs was the way, and the only way. All challengers to this thinking either recanted, fell victim to unfortunate accidents or simply disappeared. Whilst it appeared that the councils ruled the villages of men, it was actually the Seraphics and their minions that held the power.

The Seraphic

Their religious leader was called a Seraphic.