Brickey was a thief who was good at what he did.


A shock of black hair, knotted, unattractive features, a gnarled little body and scruffy clothes.


Arrived from places unknown about two years prior to the events of Bearers of the Black Staff. Attached himself to Panterra Qu but did not get him involved when he got into his own trouble.

Bearers of the Black Staff

Saw Panterra and Prue Liss returning to the village and listened in to their conversation with Trow Ravenlock. He then tried to warn Panterra about telling his story to the Council. Knowing Panterra would not listen he fetched Aislinne Kray to attend the council meeting, knowing she would not be informed otherwise.

He killed the first assassin Skeal Eile sent to kill Panterra and Prue Liss.