Panterra Qu

Panterra Qu



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Glensk Wood

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Bearers of the Black Staff
The Measure of the Magic

Panterra Qu was partnered with Prue Liss.


Tall and broad-shouldered. Much stronger than he looked.


Emotional about almost nothing. A cerebral thinker, a planner and calculator. Cautious. Forward thinking. Strong willed and stubborn. A love of life outside walls, a life of exploration and discovery. Skilled survivalist, able to convert anything at hand into tools and shelter. Athletic and good with weapons. Carried long knives and bows.

At seventeen he could decipher a trail better than anyone. He had an uncanny knack for knowing what had left it and at what time, when others wouldn’t even have known it was there.

With their special gifts they were the most effective pair of trackers in Glensk Wood, perhaps the entire valley.

Lived next door to Prue Liss and they spent their childhoods together.

Seventeen years old at the time of Bearers of the Black Staff, making him two years old than Prue.

They came to the Tracker cadre at the same time and asked to be paired together. More often than not they knew what the other was thinking without a word being spoken and could finish each other’s sentences.

Parents died when he was fifteen from a wasting disease that no one had known how to treat. His oldest sister lived with her husband and two boys in the next village over.

Bearers of the Black Staff

He and Prue discovered the bodies of the two trackers, Bayleen and Rausha. He then made the decision to track whatever had killed them, to find out what had actually killed the trackers. The Agenahls managed to detect them following and led the two into a trap. This led them to their first meeting with Sider Ament when he rescued them.

The Measure of the Magic

Panterra buried Sider Ament near where he had been killed.1The Measure of the Magic – pp 35-36

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    The Measure of the Magic – pp 35-36