Owl was a member of the Ghosts.


Brown hair and eyes. She considered herself to have ordinary features.

Quiet and reclusive as a child. Liked reading. Was wise.


As Margaret

Born in Safeco Field. Was crippled at birth and got around in a wheelchair. As a child she did not have many friends.

Her parents died of the plague when she was nine leaving her alone. She then lived with a family who needed someone to look after their baby, when the baby died they kicked her out leaving her without a family again. She began working in the kitchens, sleeping in the back rooms.

This was an unhappy life for her and she began to wonder if there were better options for her. That led her to start spending time on the compound walls, looking out wondering what was out there, and that was how she met Hawk.

Five years before Armageddon’s Children she decided to take her chances with the Ghosts.1Armageddon’s Children – p 32

As Owl

As the oldest of the Ghosts, she took on the role as the mother of the Ghosts, as compared to Hawk’s role as the father/leader. She gave them stability and reassurance. In turn, she finally felt part of a real family and even felt loved.

Each night she told the Ghosts a story – they preferred her made up ones to the ones she read from books. Her made up stories were variations of ones she had been told as a child by her parents with added life lessons that she thought the Ghosts should hear. The stories brought light into their otherwise dark lives and gave them hope. Telling them stories was when she felt closest to them.

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    Armageddon’s Children – p 32