Midline Slave Camp

Midline Slave Camp



Old World


Appeared In a Flashback:
Armageddon’s Children

Midline Slave Camp was located in the Old World.


Sat just below Lake Michigan on the border of Indiana and Illinois.1Armageddon’s Children – p 253


100 yards of open ground surrounded the camp. Watch fires burnt in pits along the barbed wire fence. Torches were lit at the gates.2Armageddon’s Children – p 253

The compound was formed of three buildings that were former steel mills. They were huge and cavernous, built of corrugated metal sheets and surrounded by double rows of mesh steel fencing with concertina wire. The ground outside the fences contained deep ditches. The buildings were tightly sealed, the doors and windows barred and shuttered.3Armageddon’s Children – pp 253-254


Regarded as the most impenetrable of all the slave camps.4Armageddon’s Children – p 254

At least two Demons resided at the camp.5Armageddon’s Children – p 256

Michael Poole led an attack on the camp after his sources advised the Demons would be away from the camp.6Armageddon’s Children – pp 253-263

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