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Compounds were established in the Old World.


Established during the time of the Great Wars when half the cities had been wiped out and the remainder were under siege from terrorist attacks, plagues and chemical attacks. Compounds were primarily established in existing structures like sports fields as the walls were thick and strong. Once the entrances had been fortified, they provided plenty of storage space and the playing fields could be used for farming or growing crops. If none were available, they would also use convention centres or office buildings, although they were not as successful.1Armageddon’s Children – p 32

Being in a compound gave the residents access to things like Pleneten, which those outside the compounds generally could not get.2Armageddon’s Children – pp 26-27

People lived in them believing they would be safe from infection and exposure. They were able to grow some food, depending on what soil and water they had to work with.

Compounds seemed to be successful until the Once-Men began attacking. They were always of sufficient strength and number to besiege the compounds, turning them into death traps from which the defenders could not escape.3Armageddon’s Children – p 33

Despite these attacks, and what happened to the people taken as prisoner, people living in compounds still believed them to be the best option. Outside the compounds were Freaks and all sorts of creatures and dangers they did not want to deal with.4Armageddon’s Children – p 33

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