San Sobel Preparatory Academy

San Sobel Preparatory Academy



San Sobel

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A Knight of the Word

San Sobel Preparatory Academy was the site of the attempted kidnapping of Aaron Pilkington.


It was an expensive but good school.1A Knight of the Word – p 53

Attempted Kidnapping of Aaron Pilkington

On April 1st, a group of men entered San Sobel Preparatory Academy with the intention of kidnapping Aaron Pilkington. As they did not know any details about Aaron, i.e. which room he was in, which class he was in or who his teacher was, other than having a photo of him, they could not find him and the police were called. After the police surrounded the Academy, the men took a teacher and her class hostage. Teddy was a student in this class. The police attempted to negotiate, but neither side would agree to the other’s terms. The men grew increasingly desperate, one of them appeared to be talking to someone who was not there. After the men killed the teacher, the police decided they had waited long enough and moved in. They started shooting everywhere and the children were caught in the crossfire.2A Knight of the Word – pp 53-54

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