Deep Rock

Deep Rock


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The Gypsy Morph

Deep Rock was the missile command complex where Adam Wills was stationed.


A quarter of a mile underground, somewhere in the middle of the Rocky Mountains.1The Gypsy Morph – p 3


Consisted of 8 rooms plus storage lockers and a cold room. Three corridors that measured no more than 100 yards altogether.2The Gypsy Morph – p 5


Believing an enemy strike was imminent, someone in authority established the base as a central command centre. Dozens of teams moved in and out over a twenty year period. The group of nine that Adam Wills was with had been the last. The team before his, which included Abramson, had been unable to leave. The National Command Authority decided to seal them in as a precaution and rotation of personnel was suspended.

A virus infiltrated the base through the air vent system, eventually causing the death of all but one person.3The Gypsy Morph – pp 1-2

The Gypsy Morph

The last survivor, Adam Wills, spent his days searching for the code to get him out of the base.4The Gypsy Morph – pp 1-8

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