Nest Freemark


Appeared In:
Running with the Demon
A Knight of the Word
Angel Fire East

Mentioned In:
Armageddon’s Children

Wraith was a huge wolf-dog born of magic.


Brindle coloured. Deep-chested, tall at the shoulders. Amber eyes with facial markings that look like tiger stripes. Sloped forehead and narrow muzzle. Stiff legged walk. Bristling body hair.1Running with the Demon – p 20


Created by the Nest’s father to watch over Nest Freemark and keep her from harm. He was an elemental – made of magic and the elements, a sort of familiar.

First appeared when Nest was five years old, although Pick advised her later he had actually been following her since she was a baby causing her to realise it was simply that she hadn’t seen him. Wraith’s reaction to her fear of being alone with and surrounded by the Feeders for the first time caused him to reveal himself to her. His appearance caused the feeders to depart and he appeared frequently to her after that.

Evelyn Freemark was able to determine his true origins and, unknown to Nest, used all of her magic to alter him. She simply told Nest that he was there to protect her, without revealing his origins or what she had done.

Running with the Demon

Materialised next to Nest Freemark after she had tripped over while running away from the Feeders and stayed long enough for them to all disappear.2Running with the Demon – pp 19-20

Disappeared when Nest turned eighteen, two summers before A Knight of the Word.

Angel Fire East

As Nest began to realise that Findo Gask was actually a demon, Wraith began to stir awake as he could sense the danger to Nest, but Nest managed to keep him under control.3Angel Fire East – pp 16 & 19

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