Unnamed Demon

Unnamed Demon



Daughter: Nest Freemark


Appeared In:
Running with the Demon

Mentioned In:
A Knight of the Word
Angel Fire East
Armageddon’s Children

The unnamed Demon was the father of Nest Freemark.


Bland smooth features. Pale blue eyes.1Running with the Demon – p 46


Extremely patient.


The demon would appear to people to be someone familiar that they couldn’t quite place. He would use this technique to fit in with people and not appear out of place.2Running with the Demon – p 463Running with the Demon – p 51

Felt no attachment to the world or anything in it. His work was what drove him and what gave him purpose. His servitude to the dark chaotic vision of the Void allowed for nothing else. In his life was only need and compulsion and they were satisfied through a venting of that madness.4Running with the Demon – pp 53-54

His transformation from human to demon was gradual, and had happened so long ago and all that remained of his humanity was just a shadow of a memory.5Running with the Demon – p 51

Running with the Demon

Followed Derry Howe around, including attending the daily gatherings at Josie’s.6Running with the Demon – p 46

Tracked by John Ross to Hopewell.

Killed Richie Stoudt as a blood offering to further damage the oak imprisoning the Maentwrog and bring it closer to being able to escape.

Killed by Wraith when he attacked Nest Freemark.

Armageddon’s Children

When O’Olish Amaneh told Logan Tom the story of Nest Freemark he mentioned the Demon had come to Hopewell to subvert Nest.7Armageddon’s Children – p 59

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