Tay Trefenwyd

Tay Trefenwyd



Sister: Kira Trefenwyd
Younger Brother




Appeared In:
First King of Shannara

Tay Trefenwyd was the best friend of Jerle Shannara.


Unusual height and size. Lanky and awkward-looking. Appeared young. Smooth and clean-shaven face. Blond hair, blue eyes. Always bore a ready smile for everyone.

Long limbed.


Affable and easygoing. Cared about the problems of others and gave what help he could. Not confrontational or stubborn. At Paranor he had been well liked, despite who he associated with. Governed by strong beliefs and an unmatched work ethic but didn’t hold himself as an example of how to be. Accepted people as they were, finding good ways to make use of what was good. His big hands were as strong as iron but his heart was gentle. He knew when to stand his ground and when to yield. A conciliator and a compromiser.

He was cerebral, intrigued by difficult questions and complicated puzzles. Always knew he wanted to travel and study with the Druids.


Carried a longbow and a slender hunting knife.


As a boy, his constant companion was Jerle Shannara, the one person he could tell everything to, the one he entrusted his life to. Their bond formed early and survived the separation while Tay was at Paranor.

Joined the Druids fifteen years prior to First King of Shannara.

From the moment he met Bremen he had been mesmerised. He understood and believed with Bremen that non-involvement was a mistake. Like Bremen, he studied the old lore, the ways of the Fairie Creatures and the use of magic before the Great Wars. He accepted that subverted power was twice as deadly and that Brona lived on in another form.

Bremen made an ally of Tay. They formed an immediate bond and Bremen took him on as his pupil. Tay did the tasks assigned to him by the Druids but the rest of his time was reserved for Bremen. Tay was more talented than most of the Druids and had begun to master magic before arriving at Paranor. Under Bremen’s tutelage he progressed so fast that no one save Bremen was his equal. This study was done in secret due to the bans placed by the Council.

When Bremen was exiled, both Tay and Risca asked to accompany him, however Bremen requested they stay to be his eyes and ears, work to master their skills and to persuade others that dangers he warned of were real. Bremen said he would come back for them when it was time to leave.

After Bremen left the Druids, he continued his studies of magic. He was a student of the elements, the forces that created and destroyed, the balance of earth, air, fire and water in the evolution of life.

First King of Shannara

Tay was present at the Druid Council meeting Athabasca called and argued on Bremen‘s behalf. He and Risca met up with Bremen afterwards to ask when they were leaving, having had enough of Athabasca and the Council.

Tay voted against Mareth accompanying them but was prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Carried the unconscious Bremen out of the Valley of Shale. Bremen tasked him to return to Arborlon to ask Courtann Ballindarroch to mount an expedition to find the Black Elfstone and to ask him to have the Elves join forces with the Dwarves to match Brona’s Troll army. Bremen warned him later not to use the Elfstone.

The next day he left them at the mouth of the Kennon and continued to Arborlon. He travelled west along the Mermidon through the southern arm of the Dragon’s Teeth. Then he came out of the foothills to the grasslands below the Streleheim. He left the Mermidon at the edge of the Westland forests below the Pykon and turned north.

He stayed within the trees which helped to hide him when a Skull Bearer appeared. Twenty minutes later he came across a Gnome raiding party’s camp within the fringe of Drey Wood, the Skull Bearer circling above.

The next afternoon he was met by a group of Elven guards halfway down the Valley of Rhenn’s green corridor. He told them about the Gnomes, but not the Skull Bearer, and after some food and drink and getting up to date on Arborlon and events, he accepted a horse and carried on. By mid-afternoon he was near Arborlon when he was met by Jerle Shannara.

After they greeted each other, they sat down to catch up and Tay told Jerle some of why he was there and asked if he could send someone to confirm that Paranor had fallen before he met with Courtann. While he waited to hear back, he spent time visiting friends and family. He stayed at his parents’ home and visited his sister and her family several times.

On the fourth day Jerle and Preia Starle came to see him, and Jerle confirmed that Paranor had fallen. After Jerle left, Preia stayed behind to catch up with Tay and give him more information about what she had found at Paranor.

Later he was summoned by a king’s messenger and taken to the palace where Jerle was waiting. They were met by Courtann who said he wanted to discuss his news in private before he presented it to the High Council. Tay told him everything that had happened and what Bremen’s instructions were. Courtann then took them both to the Assembly and Tay spoke to Council. Tay spoke with a conviction and persuasiveness which, when added to the high regard Bremen was held in, permission to search for the Black Elfstone was given and swift consideration promised for the request to aid the Dwarves.

Afterwards he and Jerle decided to go to the Home Guard barracks for a glass of ale. On their way they realised there were no Home Guard protecting the palace. Using his Druid magic, Tay determined there were Gnomes present. Entering the palace hallway they saw bodies everywhere with all the Elven hunters slain. Tay entered the right wing of the palace and began finding members of the Ballindarroch family who had been slaughtered. He realised this was the work of the Gnomes he had seen earlier.