Richie Stoudt

Richie Stoudt





Appeared In:
Running with the Demon

Richie Stoudt was part of the union crowd.1Robert Freemark, Al Garcia, Mel Riorden, Derry Howe, Richie Stoudt, Penny Williamson, Mike Michaelson, Junior Elway and one or two others formed the Union Crowd. They would gather at Josie’s each day.


Small and wiry. Thin face. A mop of unruly dark hair. His clothing looked ragged and worn.2Running with the Demon – p 181


He had a habit of being or looking genuinely puzzled.3Running with the Demon – p 41 Was not particularly intelligent.4Running with the Demon – p 43


Richie had been getting some yard work at Joe Preston’s during the strike.5Running with the Demon – p 43

Running with the Demon

Richie was sent a message by the Unnamed Demon and met him at the toboggan slide in Sinnissippi Park after finishing his day’s work at the Prestons. The demon took Richie to the old oak tree that imprisoned the Maentwrog. Getting him to step closer to the tree, the demon drove a metal tipped stick through his neck. The bark of the tree split open and drew Richie in, and within its prison the Maentwrog fed to gain strength and wait for the demon to summon it. Afterwards the only thing left visible was one of Richie’s boots. The demon took the boot to the river and left it there for people to draw their own conclusions.6Running with the Demon – pp 181-184

Richie’s disappearance was only noticed a few days later when he was supposed to do some work for his landlord but didn’t show up, and there was no answer at his apartment. Mike Michaelson asked Robert Freemark if he had heard from him after getting a call from the landlord.7Running with the Demon – pp 318-319

A few days later the authorities started dragging Rock River in an effort to find a missing Hopewell man.8Running with the Demon – p 492