Quickening was the daughter of the King of the Silver River.


Small and slight. Exquisitely shaped. Her hair was long and silver. Her features were perfectly formed. Coal-black eyes.1The Druid of Shannara – p 59


Bright and quick. Interested in everything. Respectful of life, caring. Eager to use the magic she possessed.


Quickening was an elemental – an earth child created by magic.

The Druid of Shannara

After her creation, she explored the Gardens and found a kinship with them that she could not explain. Her father taught her of magic and let her test it. She then left the Gardens after her father explained why she was created and what she needed to do.

Arrived in Culhaven three days after Morgan Leah had been taken prisoner.2The Druid of Shannara – p 57

Other Mentions

Wards of Faerie

Mirai Leah‘s airship was named after her.