Pancea Rolt Cruer

Pancea Rolt Cruer



Maiden Name:


Appeared As A Shade In:
(as Pancea Rolt Gotrin)
The Elves of Cintra
The Measure of the Magic

Mentioned In:
(as Pancea Rolt Cruer)
The Gypsy Morph

Pancea Rolt Cruer was the queen of the Land Elves.


When appearing as a shade she was small and wizened. Bent at the shoulders, wrinkled face. Eyes sharp and steady. Talon-tipped fingers gripped a staff with a strength that belied her seeming frailty. She was transparent and her image wavered and settled. Her eyes could change colour.


A sorceress who possessed magic.

She was buried with the Blue Elfstones, which was where they were when Kirisin Belloruus was tasked with finding them.

The Measure of the Magic

Pancea appeared to Phryne Amarantyne underneath the Ashenell.1The Measure of the Magic – p 209 2The Measure of the Magic – pp 215-221